Pricing Estimate For Basement Finishing Cost

basement-refinishingHaving a finished basement adds to the resale value of your house and provides you with additional living space, but depending on how you go about your project, your basement finishing cost can be quite high.

Doing some research, buying your own materials and preparing for a diy project are some ways to lower the expense, but it takes forethought and organization to still boast a comfortable area despite the amateur job.

Find out how you can remodel your basement and what the cost to finish a basement generally is so you can plan ahead.

Using a Contractor

How much does it cost to finish a basement is a very general question and relies on many variables. If you are not handy or comfortable taking on the job, a contractor is essential, but research is necessary to not pay more than is necessary. To have a good estimate before you start calling around, measure the square footage of your basement.

On average, according to what I see homes for sale in Montrose basement finishing cost can vary between $29-32 per square foot for basic renovations to make your basement livable, but for elaborate remodeling, you could be looking at about $50 per square foot.

You also have to factor in the type of work you need done; if your contractor will simply do the wiring and dry walling or if you have additional issues like water leakage or placing in ceilings and floors.

Basement Finishing Cost

It is cost effective to get a professional to do the very technical, difficult work and then simply paint, put in basement flooring and furnish on your own. Make sure you call numerous contractors to get free quotes on the job you want done, but of course before you can discuss pricing, you should decide on a specific plan for the necessary work. If you are unprepared, a contractor can easily talk you into grand ideas that will increase the cost.


A diy project is certainly more cost effective, but if you are very unskilled or uncertain, you could run into costly problems that could also detain the end time by about 6 months. It is best to spend time learning the things you can do yourself and deciding what is best done by someone else.

Doing it this way can save you about 70% on the diy portion, since you will only pay for materials and not the labor. Deciding to install a suspended ceiling or floating floors can greatly save you money on supplies, are easy to install yourself and are flexible in what you can do with them. Painting the walls with a waterproof, mildew resistant paint before dry walling is also a good idea and can save you money on expensive wall treatments.

You can even save money on second hand furniture to further reduce the budget once you’re complete. Knowing the extent of your abilities to complete some portions yourself and budgeting for a professional to handle the tougher procedures is the best way to combine a cost effective project with quality work.

With careful planning and consideration, the basement finishing cost doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

How to Remodel Your Basement

basement remodelUse these great tips on how to remodel your basement, and turn it into a fun and useful space for your family.

If you have been living in your home for some time, it is likely that the basement has become the repository for boxes of stuff that you have cleaned out of your living quarters.

Perhaps it is time to look at your basement differently and consider all the possible uses for that space that would enhance the life of your family.

Begin by throwing out what you don’t need and getting a storage locker for what you want to retain.

Getting Started

Take a hard look at the space and image the possibilities.

Do you want to create a family gathering place?

Or perhaps it can become a workshop for the many projects that you have wanted to do around the house. Maybe it can be a game room or a place for parties and events.

You can add a wet bar or even a full second kitchen there.

It can become a private space for older children who are not quite ready to leave home.

It may be well suited to be a media center with a large screen television and top of the line audio equipment.

Or maybe you want to create a spa or workout room with a hot tub or sauna and steam room.

For the wine connoisseur, it can become a wine cellar for your treasured bottles.

All of these uses and more are possibilities for your remodeling project.

Examine the Fundamentals of the Space

Once you have cleaned out your basement, the first thing to do is to give it a thorough examination.

Make sure there is no water seeping in anywhere and if there is, locate the source and repair it.

Since you are about to convert your basement into some kind of living or working space, make sure that you have sufficient electrical outlets or plumbing for your application.

If more are needed, hire an electrician to install them to your specifications.

Think about the climate down there and consider whether you need to install windows or to route heat and air conditioning to the basement.

Contact the appropriate contractors and get at least three estimates for each task.

Create a Budget

Now you can put together a budget for your remodeling and make a determination if it is financially feasible.

If it is, then go ahead and bring in the contractors to get the work done.

“Make sure to get any building department approvals that may be required for this work,” states Sugar Land property management.

Have all work properly inspected when it is completed.


Starting from the bottom up, you need to consider what to do about flooring.

Most basements have concrete flooring, and if you are converting it to a work space then that should still work.

But for a family living space you should consider carpeting or wood.

Carpeting or carpet tiles are simple and add warmth and comfort to the floor.

Wood flooring is beautiful, but you should put down an underlay to soften the surface and to prevent it from feeling too cold on your feet.

In either case, make sure the floor is clean and flat.

Patch any holes or flaws before laying the flooring that you choose.


Moving upward, you must consider walls.

It is easiest to keep the space open but if you want to put up partition walls, make sure that they are properly reinforced as the weight of the house will be on them.

You can use rebar reinforcement.

They must also be properly waterproofed for the basement environment.

For the structural walls which are most likely concrete, you can either paint them colors appropriate for your use or you can panel them with wood.

For paneling, select hard woods that are treated for water resistance.


One of the most inexpensive ways to manage your basement remodeling project is to install a dropped ceiling.

This will create a drop space for wiring, plumbing or ductwork for applications that require them, such as a kitchen, wet bar or work space.

It will also create interesting lighting choices as well.

And it will make any new applications that you decide on down the road easier to install.

For a more durable finish you can dry wall the ceiling.

If your basement has limited head room, this might be the best option.

It will give the room a more finished look as well.

Finally, if you are going to create a media room, you will want to install acoustical tile. This is easy and inexpensive.

Follow these easy tips and get professional help when needed.

You will create a wonderful new living or working space and, at the same time, add value to your home.

Wiring a 4-Way Switch

wiring a light switchIf you have a light that you’d like to be able to turn on from three or more locations, installing a 4-way switch is the way to make it happen.

This video from AskTheBuilder gives a detailed approach to convert a 3-way switch, which allows you to turn on a light from two locations, into a 4-way switch.

In addition to the instructions, the narrator gives safety tips and lots of extra information to help you understand what you are doing.

His descriptions and information are geared to an absolute beginner, so regardless of what electrical experience you have, you will be able to complete the task.

The close-ups of the process of attaching the wires to each other and the switch, which you find starting at 3:35, are especially helpful points to pause the video so you can see that you are doing each step correctly.

And remember, you need to install the 4-way switch between your existing 3-way switches for it to work!

The easiest as well as safest way to do this is to use electrical conduit to place the wires in.

Electrical conduit is also necessary when you plan to use wiring through concrete. Especially on any commercial job sites.

The best kind to use are the fiberglass conduit. They are low cost and will practically last forever.

Concrete Cleaning Services – An Easy Way To Maintain Your Home Exterior

concrete cleanerAre you expecting guests at home over the weekend and your home exterior worries you?

Is your driveway full of moss, algae, and it looks greasy and dirty?

Does your home’s walkway look too dusty?

Are you looking to sell your house now and need it to look great?

You don’t need to worry any more.

There are plenty of companies that can clean your concrete and make it look new again, adding additional green to your property price and we buy Houston houses.

Many concrete cleaning services provide the facility of pressure washing with detergents and chemicals.

As your concrete becomes contaminated with time, it loses the texture and looks old and filthy.

To get back the original texture and renew the appeal of your home you can make use of concrete cleaning services.

You might find unwanted weeds growing in between the concrete or accumulation of mild, dirt, mould, mildew, or tannin stains from leaves and sticks.

You can also be bothered with the rubber marks from tires, oil and irrigation rust.

Concrete cleaning services have the expertise of using the right applicant for each one and can bring back the charm of your home exteriors.

Another reason you should keep concrete clean is to check for any problems like leaks or cracks.

Especially in the foundation.

Other surfaces that you can clean with concrete cleaning service around your property are pool decks, porches, steps and patios.

With the change in trends the designers and home-owners choose trendy exteriors which are quite appealing and eye-catching.

Decorative brick pavers are used which can be difficult to maintain.

But with the help of concrete cleaning services it is not only easy to maintain the beauty of the concrete but also to retain it as new.

With your strenuous job through the week, you might not want to devote your weekend over cleaning of your exteriors or your driveways.

Moreover, cleaning concrete like driveways or any other large area can be painstaking for you.

By hiring a concrete cleaning service provider you can always make your work easy.

You must have noticed that your car brings in lots of dust soil and oil stains into your drive way.

These accumulated stains can give a very filthy look to your driveway.

Any of these stains can be removed by the concrete cleaning services as they have the right equipment to clean your home.

Concrete cleaning service can remove stains of any kind, as nasty as oil stains in your garage floor or in the concrete driveway.

Hazardous Waste Recycling 101: The Basic Principles

There are a lot of people who assume that they should just throw their hazardous waste in the can so that they will be able to help the environment more which is why they don’t entertain the thought of doing hazardous waste recycling.

What they don’t seem to realize is that by doing so, they are just making matters worse both for them and the environment.

The reason being hazardous waste products can become much more lethal when they are merged with other hazardous components which can be extremely feasible as soon as these types of waste products are trashed in dumps and trash pits.

This is where hazardous waste recycling comes in.

The first thing that you have to do in hazardous waste recycling is to figure out the hazardous wastes that you have.

This is why it can do you good if you have separate garbage cans for hazardous wastes, non-biodegradable wastes and biodegradable wastes.

After sorting these wastes out, you will have to proceed with the next step which is all about being aware of the hazardous waste recycling regulations that are being applied in your place.

Various states currently have various sets of rules which may be easily located on the world wide web which means you do not need to bother about that bit a lot of.

You just need to ensure that you study it completely to ensure that you are adopting the guidelines that has something to do with hazardous waste recycling.

You should also try calling different collection sites near you in order to find out if they are willing to accept the kind of hazardous wastes that you have.

All details should be shared and make sure that you don’t leave any part out.

Also, remember that needles in syringes are also considered as hazardous materials which are why the needle itself should be discarded in a special way which should be included in the manual of hazardous waste recycling regulations that applies in where you live.

Abstaining from using hazardous materials is the best thing that you can do.

This will lessen your hazardous waste production which will be a great help to the overall thought of hazardous waste recycling.

Helpful plumbing tips – What Is A Bonded, Insured, Licensed, Plumbing Contractor?

Hiring a contractor can be daunting.plumber fixing sink to prevent water damage

Something is wrong in your sanctuary, your home, and you do not know how to fix it.

Plumbing is especially mystifying because it is all hidden by walls and buried underground.

So you have to call someone that you do not even know to come into your home and put this delicate system back together.

Even master plumbers sometimes get temporarily stymied by the problems they see and have to keep running back out to the store to get another part.

Sometimes you worry that the contractor does not seem like he knows what he is doing.

There is a legitimate reason to be cautious. Sometimes unscrupulous people set themselves up as plumbing contractors but really do not know about installation and repair.

This can obviously lead to water damage that can cost thousands to fix. Water damage restoration Houston is one company that can help if this happens to you.

But there are several things you can do to make sure you hire a trustworthy plumbing contractor.


If your project is big enough, be sure to hire a bonded plumbing contractor. A bond is a sum of money that the contractor must give to the state to cover any complaints from angry customers in civil court.

In most states, the bond for a plumbing contractor ranges around $10,000.

That way, if the customer feels the contractor bilked him out of a small amount of money, the customer can go to court, and if his case is proven, his restitution will come out of the bond.


State governments also require plumbing companies to be insured.

In general, the bigger the company’s projects, the bigger the insurance that is required.

If you are commissioning a big project, like adding a bathroom, it is of utmost importance to hire an insured plumbing contractor.

If a mistake happens and, say, your plumber breaks a public water main, it is better to have insurance to deal with this.


Licensing requirements for plumbing contractors vary from state to state. Most states require plumbers to have competency certification on file.

This is a test that a plumbing contractor must retake periodically to verify his skills are up to date.

Doing Research

Before hiring a plumbing contractor to take on a big job in your home, find out your states requirements for a plumber to be bonded, insured, and licensed.

Many states maintain a hotline or webpage that list all the states contractors that meet requirements.

The state can also tell you how often a contractor has been involved in court.

Generally, these services are located under the state Department of Labor.


Octavio Paz, poet extraordinaire, essayist and diplomat from Mexico was a friend of India.

India, its peoples, cultures and philosophies left an indelible mark on Paz.

He was deeply moved and inspired by the multiplicity of times and civilizations that comprised the idea of an Indian Nation.

He said of India,

” The past is not past, it is still passing by …………”

shree swaminarayan temple

India is both a land of ancient culture and a major society of the modern world. However to the rest of the world the issues of poverty and overpopulation, as important as they are, have precluded the appreciation of certain areas of achievement one of which, is the work of India’s Architects.

Comparatively little has been published about design activity in the developing world. The limitations of a developing economy can actually result in a creative response rather than a constraint on architectural solutions.

India ranks amongst the largest construction markets in the world.

While perhaps much of this construction is a response to rudimentary needs, it has generated an inspired and compelling architecture.

Ritual, religion and living craft tradition descend from a cultural heritage of genius and beauty.

These traditions are a perennial source of inspiration to architects who attempt to embody identity and meaning in the design of new buildings.

This is often a subconscious link and exists in many of us born and brought up in India.

The other part of the challenge for practicing Architects in India is the dependence on a labor-intensive building industry.

Mechanization and prefabrication do not yet compete on a cost saving basis with the sheer abundance of manpower in India.

Technical backwardness is one facet of the remarkable presence of the past in modern India and the building process today maintains an almost ritualistic link with the heritage of skilled craftsmanship, high quality building stone and the availability of other traditional materials.

So where do today’s Architects fit into all this?

Many have lived and trained in the west and are committed to the planning principles of modern architecture.

They use archaic techniques in their work often giving the buildings a visceral quality of execution.

Apart from the planning and building process the difficulties of designing and building in a developing economy affect the profession in other ways as well.

For instance do Architects have a role to play in the environment of the poor?

Few are professionally committed to the solution of the housing and environmental problems faced by them.

The domain of most current architectural work is the marketplace of India’s affluent middle class.

Hotels, offices, housing, factories and recreational buildings form the bulk of this work.

The contemporary architecture of India today, as distinguished from the autonomous traditions of its ancient Hindu and Buddhist past, has to be seen as the built expression of an interaction between a global culture and the acute sense of place and the past of India.

Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic traditions were followed by the colonial influence and finally post independence the legacies of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn in the 50’s and 60’s respectively.

In fact some might shrink from the very idea of an `Indian’ architecture at all.

But slowly in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the Indian architect has come into his or her own.

In India like in all countries the architecture of today is more than just the work of a few superstars.

There is a whole generation of Architects at work who clearly contribute to the architecture of our time and our intent is to give others an opportunity to see their works.

Our rich heritage has enabled us to modify tradition, but not reject it and to continue on this journey in time and space.